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Creative Commons The Acambaro figurines are a collection of more than 32, pieces of strange looking figurines discovered in the municipality of Acambaro, Mexico. Some of these artifacts depict humans coexisting with dinosaurs. Have you ever wondered if people on Earth coexisted with dinosaurs in the distant past? It is commonly accepted by mainstream scholars that Dinosaurs roamed the earth between million and 65 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era.

The sedimentary quartz sample CST 18 is extracted from a loess sample from the archive of the Luminescence Dating Laboratory of Babes-Bolyai University, previously dated by Constantin et al. () that belongs to the L2 loess unit from the Costinesti section in SE Romania.

Rufer Schliessen Autoradiography is an imaging method which allows visualization the spatial distribution of radioactivity in solid sample materials. Contrary to commonly known radiographic methods such as X ray imaging in the medical sciences, autoradiography does not rely on an external source of radiation, but instead uses radiation emitted by radionuclides which are naturally or artificially embedded in the sample itself.

These sensor plates are equipped with a protective Mylar layer, making them sufficiently robust to even work with rock samples. Schliessen Three identical, radionuclide-depleted lead sarcophagi with 5 cm wall thickness and additional internal shielding by 1 cm wood and 1 mm copper allow simultaneous exposure of three Imaging Plates shielded from external radiation, such as cosmic rays or general natural background radioactivity. The system is housed in a temperature-controlled basement darkroom equipped with strongly subdued red light sources, enabling work on light-sensitive sample material.

To obtain information about spatial localization and distribution of fluid flow, a series of rock slabs were investigated by autoradiography, which revealed the localization of radionuclides along the flow paths. The dark features in the autoradiograph are radionuclide-rich minerals such as zircons or monazites discrete spots and flowpaths of the radionuclide tracer fluid elongate, continuous traces.

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Luminescence Research Laboratory Dating Luminescence dating depends on the ability of minerals to store energy in the form of trapped charge carriers when exposed to ionising radiation. Stimulation of the system, by heat in the case of thermoluminescence TL , or by light in the case of photo-stimulated luminescence PSL , or optically stimulated luminescence OSL.

Following an initial zeroing event, for example heating of ceramics and burnt stones, or optical bleaching of certain classes of sediments, the system acquires an increasing luminescence signal in response to exposure to background sources of ionising radiation.

Dating is achieved by comparing the natural luminescence signal with those resulting from the administration of known laboratory doses. This comparison allows the equivalent dose, D E, to be determined; it is sometimes designated ED.

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Thomography Thanks to thermoluminescence, it is possible to differentiate authentic excavated items from recently manufactured fakes with reasonable accuracy. How do you know when a work of art was painted? Unfortunately there are no affordable direct methods for dating pigments, except in some cases as we will see later. For instance, it is possible to date the wood support of a panel as well as canvas.

OSL dating can be used to determine the time since naturally occurring minerals, such as quartz and feldspar, were last exposed to light within the last few hundreds of thousands of years. It is one of the main methods used to establish the timing of key events in archaeology and human evolution, landscape and climate change, and palaeobiology Location: Bryant Street, #, Palo Alto, USA,

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What is Luminescence dating? What is Luminescence Dating? Luminescence dating typically refers to a suite of radiometric geologic dating techniques whereby the time elapsed since the last exposure of some silicate minerals to light or heat can be measured. When dosed minerals are then re-exposed to light or heat, they release the stored electrons, emitting a photon of light that is referred to as luminescence.

This ‘bleaching’ process empties the electrons stored in the traps and resets or ‘zeroes’ the signal.

Luminescence Dating Laboratory Under the direction of Dr. Jim Feathers, this laboratory provides dating service for ceramics, lithics, and sediments using optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) and thermoluminescence (TL).

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Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A:

What is Luminescence Dating?

Detection and Measurement of Singlet Oxygen The techniques of 1O2 detection and measurement depend on the generating system. Optical spectroscopy is widely employed in the laboratory and also for 1O2 in planetary atmospheres. Other techniques have been developed for condensed phases and the search for more sensitive and accurate procedures continues.

Luminescence dating typically refers to a suite of radiometric geologic dating techniques whereby the time elapsed since the last exposure of some silicate minerals to light or heat can be measured.

It is supported by more than scientists and other technical staff whose research activities are published in several journals of national and international interest. Research areas covered by this institute include hydrocarbon and coal exploration, mineral exploration, deep seismic sounding studies, exploration and management of groundwater resources, earthquake hazard assessment, structure of earth’s interior and its evolution theoretical studies , and geophysical instrument development.

The major facilities available at NGRI include: High-pressure laboratory consisting of Keithly electrometer, strain-measuring sensors, universal testing machine tons , and Bridgeman-Birch high-pressure apparatus. In-situ stress measurement facility consisting of hydraulic equipment. Rock magnetism laboratory consisting of astatic magnetometer, digital spinner magnetometer, alternating magnetic field and thermal demagnetizers, high-field and low-field hysteresis and susceptibility meter.

Helium Emanometry, Heatflow and Radiometry Laboratory. Tritium and carbon dating laboratory for groundwater.

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