How-to setup Webpack on an ES6 React Application with SASS?

Pankaj wrote to me about some pretty cool styled progress elements he created. I asked if he’d be interested in fleshing out the idea into an article about styling them in general. Thankfully, he obliged with this great article about using them in HTML, styling them with CSS as best as you can cross-browser, and fallbacks. Here is the basic markup for the progress element: A progress element must have both a start tag i. This is good though, as it helps with fallback content as we’ll cover later. Apart from the global attributes, it can have two more attributes: If not specified the default value is 1. It must be greater than or equal to 0. States of progress bar A progress bar can be in two states – indeterminate and determinate.


Sets the number of requests after which the response will be cached. Cache data are stored in files. The file name in a cache is a result of applying the MD5 function to the cache key. The levels parameter defines hierarchy levels of a cache:

Jan 06,  · Read Part 2 here — Build a Multi-user App using (Part 2): Creating a Matchmaking Game Server Author’s Bio Frankenmint is a technophile with a penchant for Bitcoin, versed in web and software development.

Crisis Text Line is a data- and tech-driven not-for-profit. We’ve built our own online platform for engaging with young people in crisis think: We always do our absolute best work, but we’re ready to fail at any moment so we build with redundancy and fault-tolerance. Pick the right tool. Technology is a means, not an end. We try to see where the bleeding edge is, but live in the realm of reality and practicality. Alice and Bob are our best friends, but we know that Alice and Bob are inherently untrustworthy.

A teen expects a response to a text message in under 14 minutes. That means the platform needs to run fast, and support agents need to be able to use it efficiently and effectively. Testing means optimizing user experience and listening to your users rather than your gut.

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This requires haproxy version newer than 1. Fast data transfers are made possible on Linux 3. Forwarding rates of up to 40 Gbps have already been achieved on such platforms after a very careful tuning. While Solaris and AIX are supported, they should not be used if extreme performance is required. Performance Well, since a user’s testimony is better than a long demonstration, please take a look at Chris Knight’s experience with haproxy saturating a gigabit fiber in on a video download site.

Since then, the performance has significantly increased and the hardware has become much more capable, as my experiments with Myricom’s Gig NICs have shown two years later.

Make them join a room together and remove them from matchmaking Room should be limited to 2 people only There is no criteria/algorithm on how the users matched are picked they are just randomly selected.

Drop unused methods org. Base64Encode has been deprecated, you can use java. This affects logging configuration and 3rd party plugins if they use JMeter logging. The following sections describe what changes need to be made. Setting the logging level and log file The default logging level can be changed on the command-line using the -L parameter. Likewise the -l parameter can be used to change the name of the log file.

The default logging levels and file name are defined in the log4j2. DEBUG ; Changes to 3rd party plugin logging 3rd party plugins should migrate their logging code from logkit to slf4j. This is fairly easy and can be done by replacing: Based on a patch by Jerome Loisel loisel. Move to advanced panel Timeouts, Implementation, Proxy.


So, I’ll show how to: So, again, lots of ground to cover so lets get started. First, we need to create the application that will be tested. It’ll be pretty simple:

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Christmas carols and death metal lyrics in Tensorflow After the previous experiment with a character based recurrent neural network RNN for romantic novel titles I wanted to find more details about word level RNN: The resulting tets seem choppier than the character level RNN I tried previously. Christmas is Mutiny Santa fall is running around my place, Bound to take your power, tonight.

Death With rage Bound to popping; And time Glory to town. Filled with blood In their ruthless Bloodstorm! O Christmas O Christmas, build a one-horse open day In the year. Toys at his deer, A bit of fury, Our Christmas Grandma can walk the truth.

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Reply Why is it needed? When data is stored on disk based storage devices, it is stored as blocks of data. These blocks are accessed in their entirety, making them the atomic disk access operation.

orts = [‘polling’, ‘websocket’]; With a custom parser The default parser promotes compatibility (support for Blob, File, binary check) at the expense of performance.

For an introduction to routing, see Basic routing. You define routing using methods of the Express app object that correspond to HTTP methods; for example, app. For a full list, see app. You can also use app. In fact, the routing methods can have more than one callback function as arguments. With multiple callback functions, it is important to call provide next as an argument to the callback function and then call next within the body of the function to hand off control to the next callback.

The following code is an example of a very basic route.

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Participated in marketing and design decisions. Miscellaneous internal Wrote several technical articles for appendTo blog. Assisted training director during JavaScript presentation to Amazon hardware team. I created an application to display our generated API documentation in a searchable format. I wrote modules to load, convert, and dynamically display API information in a single page application so that developers would have instant access to the latest documentation.

All client modules were written in regular JavaScript, and jQuery was used to generate DOM elements as needed, and to perform filtering operations when the user searched for specific API information.

The game itself uses WebRTC data channels; is only used as a signalling server. Once signalling is complete, the game is run as a fully peer-to-peer mesh network with a shared game state (the server can go down and the game is unaffected).

Leave a comment The world of Virtual Reality really took off earlier this year when Oculus finally released a consumer ready version of the Rift- a standalone VR headset used with high end gaming computers running the Windows operating system. VR Fantasy If you like fantasy adventure type games then you will enjoy VR Fantasy — a first person fantasy game where you are taken on a quest to explore a mysterious fortress filled with cute, but dangerous enemies. The graphics in this game are a lot more detailed than in Dark Forest and the scenery is really enjoyable to just stare at for a while.

As with a lot of other VR games for android devices, you can move around simply by looking down at your feet where you can find an icon which, when focused on, will make your character move forward. VR Silent Home Ohh man… so Silent Home is officially the first Virtual Reality horror game that managed to spook me so much I had to take off my headset just to make sure I was still in one piece. For a moment I thought she was a friend, but then she turned her head… you know, slowly and all the way back degrees… she stared at me for a moment just to make sure my brain registered her horrific blood shot eyes and unleashed a bone chilling scream right before dashing at me.

Talk about immersive virtual reality… and that all happened using a plain old cardboard. I remember just last year when the best game, called Tuscany Dive , was a big hit. You could only walk around a virtual house and there were no objects to interact with, but it was considered mind blowing by most. Now, just a year later, the entire Play Store is filled with epic content.

This is why it will make sense to eventually upgrade to a better, more advanced headset built by Samsung and meant for mobile virtual reality gaming.

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Drag and drop does not work in Safari 5. Setting up two divs We will first code two create two div boxes. One div will contain the image to be dragged. The other div will be the destination where the image needs to be dragged. Make the elements draggable Now, we need to first make the image draggable.

Socket. A Socket is the fundamental class for interacting with browser clients. A Socket belongs to a certain Namespace (by default /) and uses an underlying Client to communicate.. It should be noted the Socket doesn’t relate directly to the actual underlying TCP/IP socket and it is only the name of the class.. Within each Namespace, you can also define arbitrary channels (called room) that.

I especially like this section of the book because it shows off one of the strengths of the Pi: Not only can you use the Raspberry Pi to get data from servers via the internet, but your Pi can also act as a server itself. There are many different web servers that you can install on the Raspberry Pi. Traditional web servers, like Apache or lighttpd, serve the files from your board to clients.

Most of the time, servers like these are sending HTML files and images to make web pages, but they can also serve sound, video, executable programs, and much more. This is a great way to trigger physical events, store data, or check the value of a sensor remotely via a web browser. Flask Basics We’re going to use a Python web framework called Flask to turn the Raspberry Pi into a dynamic web server.

12.3: Connecting Client to Server with 552 – WebSockets and 552 Tutorial